Quiz: This is how Germany drinks | DW Travel | DW | 25.09.2019
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Quiz: This is how Germany drinks

Bavaria's breweries are a popular destination for beer enthusiasts from all over the world. Germany also has 13 wine-growing regions. What do you know about German drinking culture? Go ahead and test your knowledge.

Whether you seek out a traditional restaurant or a gourmet temple, whether you choose fish at the North Sea or beer in Bavaria ... if you travel to Germany, you also want to get to know the country from a culinary point of view. Germany's gastronomy is diverse: there are some 300 Michelin-star and gourmet restaurants, 13 wine-growing regions and countless beer gardens from Bavaria to Berlin. Local products such as marzipan and Lebkuchen gingerbread or dishes such as currywurst sausage tell you a lot about cities and regions, about the people and their eating culture. But which specialty is typical for which part of Germany? What should be tried where? Get to know some culinary specialties in our quizzes on eating and drinking in Germany. 


If you're feeling quizzical, this is the place!

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