PopXport - the German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 24.02.2017
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PopXport - the German Music Magazine

Crowds go crazy when they hear this music: LaBrassBanda celebrates their 10th anniversary. Plus: a portrait of pop-duo Malky, a new movie about the cult band Tangerine Dream, and a new single from Tokio Hotel.

LasBrassBanda: Bavarian brass music goes punk

Brass music and Bavarian lyrics: LasBrassBanda. This band from the Chiemsee region always seem to have a song on the charts. They'll celebrate their tenth anniversary with a new album and a world tour.  


A portrait of the soul-pop duo Malky

Malky is a Bulgarian-Hungarian duo that make their music in Germany. Daniel Stoyanov and Michael Vajna's pop songs are intelligent and heart-felt -- as you'll see in concert footage from the Volksbühne in Berlin. 


Tangerine Dream - 50 years of electro-beats

Tangerine Dream was formed five decades ago. A new documentary film about these pioneers of electrionic music, called  "Revolution of Sound,"  includes a tribute to founder Edgar Froese, who died in 2015.


HIT-Clip: Broilers - "Keine Hymnen heute"
Punk-rock from Düsseldorf: the Broilers' new album has hit the top of the charts. In the video for the single "Keine Hymnen heute," the band re-creates Nazi-style repression to make their case for artistic freedom.  


TIPP-Clip: Tokio Hotel - "What if"
Tokio Hotel has come out with a new video, just ahead of the release of their latest album "Dream Machine." Bill Kaulitz and the rest of the band shot the video at the Botanical Garden in Berlin. 


KULT-Clip: Harold Faltermeyer - "Axel F" (1984)
Bavarian composer Harold Faltermeyer was nominated for an Oscar for a song he wrote for the film "Beverly Hills Cop II" -- "Axel F." It's his biggest hit ever.