Police arrest Dresden bombings suspect | News | DW | 09.12.2016
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Police arrest Dresden bombings suspect

Authorities in Dresden have arrested a suspect believed to be connected with two bombings on a mosque and congress center in September. The suspect also reportedly has ties to the xenophobic PEGIDA movement, police said.

The 30-year-old male suspect was arrested by special forces from the Dresden police (OAZ), announced authorities on Friday. Previously, police had released a video of the bombing suspect.

The man is believed to be responsible for two explosions that occurred on September 26 in Dresden. One explosion went off in front of a mosque, while the other was at the city's International Congress Center. The blasts caused damage to the buildings but no one was injured.

While arresting the suspect, authorities secured several items which allegedly can be used to produce explosive devices. They also said DNA evidence gathered from the Dresden bombing crime scenes matched with the suspect's DNA.

The 30-year-old also spoke at rallies for the anti-immigrant, anti-Islam PEGIDA movement, confirmed the OAZ.

A video from the summer of 2015 shows the suspect reading a letter addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in which he threatened to take her to court and show her "no mercy." During the speech, he also described foreigners and refugees as lazy and criminals.

The incidents occurred a week before the official ceremonies marking the Day of German Unity on October 3, which were hosted by Dresden in 2016.

The suspect is expected to have his first court appearance on Friday.

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