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Pergamon Museum to move to interim home

November 10, 2016

Parts of the collection of the world famous Pergamon Museum in Berlin during building work is to be moved to a temporary exhibition space.

Berlin Private Pergamon-Ausstellung
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/S. Gol

The new interim building located opposite the Museum Island, a short distance from the Pergamon Museum, is expected to open in the spring of 2018. It will be an anthracite-colored hall with a golden rotunda, offering 2,000 square meters (6561 square feet) of space. 
The president of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Hermann Parzinger, said the Pergamon Museum will still be accessible to visitors while the lengthy building work is carried out. As of 2018, the temporary exhibition is to house a panorama of the ancient Greek city as well as exhibit original parts of the world famous altar. Also on show will be marble sculptures, numerous plaster cast models of alter parts and friezes as well as 3D animations. In addition, the exhibition will include the newly reworked panorama of an ancient metropolis by artist Yadegar Asisi, which originally opened in 2012. The interim museum building and the temporary exhibition will be financed exclusively by a private investor. Refinancing is to be accomplished by a considerable hike in entry fees. A few days ago, it was announced that the full reopening of the museum with its altar room will be delayed by another four years until 2023.
The Pergamon Museum, originally built to house the altar, is Berlin's biggest museum, and with over a million visitors every year, its most popular one too.

Pergamonpanorama in Berlin
Panorama by Yadegar AsisiImage: asisi
Berlin Pergamonmuseum
Original part of the world famous altarImage: picture-alliance/D. Kalker

is/at/sc (dpa)

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