People and Politics Forum 08. 10. 2010 | Forum | DW | 15.10.2010
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People and Politics Forum 08. 10. 2010


René Junghans, Brazil

"Dear people and politics team. I think it is a great pity that you have done away with the forum and no longer read out the viewers' comments on the programme. I think this is detrimental to the programme because hearing one's own comments, and, of course, those of fellow viewers, was one of the show's highlights. Perhaps you could think about reinstating the forum. I am certain other viewers from around the world will also be contacting you to express similar views . "

In answer to the question - in ´Taking Germany’s Pulse` - on Muslims and German values, Gerhard Seeger in the Philippines has this to say:

„Islamists exploit religious freedom..and speak of a higher divine law. But please prove that it really is from God, and not, as I believe, made by humans…It is odd that an almighty being…need fanatics to craft inhuman laws…These groups are indeed not representative of all Muslims, but what is lacking is a determined Muslim bid to confront the fundamentalists."

In Algeria, Bilel writes:

„I’ve noticed a lot of talk recently about the Islamic faith, and wonder why other religions like Hinduism and Judaism aren’t given the same treatment. Islam belongs in Europe. Many Muslims were born in Germany, Switzerland etc. Europe accepted globalization, and Islam is a part of globalization. So it’s better for Europe to accept the whole thing, not just bits of it. Seems Muslims are good enough as a workforce, but suddenly turn dangerous when religion is involved,"

In New Zealand, Lesa Russell comments:

„Thank you for airing this disturbing story. As a Muslim I am dismayed by this and other groups who are so distorting the true message of Islam, particularly their distorted 7th-century view of Sharia law... If possible, could you send me an address of this Abu Hamza and his fascist cult, that I may warn them that their behaviour must ensure them that the opposite of paradise awaits them - while they attribute to themselves what is in fact the preserve of the Almighty. Please convey my apologies as a Muslim who cares for the good people of that charming German town."

Hans Axnix, in Brazil, says:

„Germany has difficult times ahead. So many subversive things have been going on…I couldn’t live in Germany anymore, and bow my head to certain things. When I worked in Germany many Muslims went off to pray during their shifts, and we had to shoulder their work as well! We couldn’t say our mind, one reason being that our superior was Turkish. In was similar in many areas, at the doctor’s, in bakery shops.."

And Herbert Fuchs, in Finland, complains about DW-TV program changes, also within People and Politics:

„..Program makers don’t seem to know how to keep in touch with viewers’ wishes. Germany as a leading industrial and exporting nation needs a TV broadcaster that has renown. And the viewers, customers should have a say."

In Venezuela, Martin Burmeister is also unhappy with the program changes. He has this to say about Muslims in Germany:

"I don't think Muslims should be allowed to stage their religious services in public squares. That is overstepping the line and has nothing to do with religious freedom. If it triggers xenophobia, then the authorities are to blame."

The editors of "People and Politics" reserve the right to abridge viewers’ letters.