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Angela Merkel
Most Germans do not want ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel to return to politicsImage: picture alliance/dpa

Most Germans don't want Angela Merkel back — survey

November 26, 2022

A year after former German Chancellor Angela Merkel's departure from politics, a survey shows the majority of Germans do not want her back in office.


A clear majority of Germans do not want Angela Merkel to become Chancellor again, a survey conducted by the Civey Institute for the Funke Media Group revealed on Saturday.

Some 71% of those questioned said they do not want the veteran politician, who stepped down following last year's elections after 16 years as chancellor, back in office.

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Still better than Scholz

However, some 43% of respondents said they think Merkel did a better job than current Chancellor Olaf Scholz is doing, while 41% said the opposite is the case, and 16% were undecided on the issue.

Incidentally, Merkel's popularity is greater in the east of Germany than it is in the west of the country. According to the poll, 52% of those surveyed in the east preferred Merkel to Scholz, while in the west of the country only 42% said so.

Civey Institute polled a total of 5,003 citizens on November 24.

DPA contributed to this article.

Edited by: John Silk

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