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DW Eco Africa (Sendungslogo englisch)

Making fancy clothes from plastic

January 21, 2021

On this week's Eco Africa, we meet two brothers in Ghana who are focusing on upcycling and sustainable fashion, follow female Masai zebra trackers in Kenya and see how bacteria can break down disposable plastic.



DW Eco Africa | Sendung #252 | Kenia Zebras
Image: DW

Female scouts helping Kenya's endangered Grevy’s zebra

In northern Kenya, the Grevy’s Zebra Trust came up with a program to help local female Masai trackers better understand the routes Grevy’s zebras use. The knowledge makes living together easier.


Nigeria Lagos Global Ideas
Image: Fred Muvunyi/DW

Bringing universal toilet access to Nigeria 

Nearly 90 million people in Nigeria live in extreme poverty. Many have no running water, electricity or adequate sanitation. The government now wants to ensure that everyone at least has access to a working toilet.



DW Eco Africa | Sendung #252 | Plastic
Image: Reuters

Doing Your Bit: Breaking down plastic with bacteria

Two young Hungarians have produced a unique bacteria cocktail that can break down disposable plastic. The plastic is a carbon rich food source for bacteria, which in turn creates a valuable end product for humans.



DW Eco Africa | Sendung #252 | Ghana Fashion
Image: DW

Making fancy clothes from plastic

Two young fashion designers in Ghana are focusing solely on upcycling and sustainable fashion. To get attention they organize virtual fashion shows and go to schools to raise awareness for the environment.



DW Eco Africa | Sendung #252 | Reckhaus
Image: DW

Company goes from bug killer to bug rescuer

Pesticide manufacturer Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus is altering his products so they are not so harmful. While he hasn't completely upended production, his first changes save fruit flies from certain death.



DW Eco Africa | Sendung #252 | Elfenbeinküste E-Waste
Image: DW

Breathing new life into electronic waste

A startup in Abidjan is showing young creative people how to turn electronic waste into something innovative to give it a new life. In many cases the objects can be simply repaired and reused. 



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