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Hydropower in India and Zero-emissions Cargo Ships

March 19, 2021

This week on Global 3000 we look into the dark side of hydropower in India, the high-tech potential of artificial diamonds, and a sustainable cargo ship made of wood.

01.2012 DW Global 3000
DW Sendung Global 3000 | Indien Wasserkraft
Image: DW

Hydropower at the expense of India's environment

Hydropower seems environmentally friendly but land must be cleared and flooded to create it. More than 800 hydroelectric power plants in Himachal Pradesh are causing water shortages and harm to livelihoods.


DW Sendung Global 3000 | Diamanten
Image: DW

Can science put an end to blood diamonds?

Diamonds often come from African mines and are extracted under questionable conditions. Artificial diamonds from a lab could put an end to this. The technology is becoming cheaper and the industry sees great potential.


Abgase über Schiffsschornstein
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/H. Bäsemann

Costa Rica: Zero-emissions cargo ships

Conventional cargo ships are big polluters. A project in Costa Rica is building what will be the largest cargo ship made of wood. It will be equipped with solar panels, an electric motor, and underwater turbines.


DW Sendung Global 3000 | Kenia Solar
Image: DW

Using solar power for Kenyan flowers

Entrepreneurs in Kenya have a hard time due to unreliable electrical power. A German startup provides an alternative with low-cost solar systems. Some flower growers have already made the switch.



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