Hamburg’s White Elephant - The Elbe Philharmonic Hall | All media content | DW | 09.04.2013
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Hamburg’s White Elephant - The Elbe Philharmonic Hall

Berlin-BrandenburgAirport, Stuttgart 21 and now the Elbe Philharmonic Hall: all projects that have become hugely controversial. The construction of the classical music concert venue in Hamburg is still ongoing. The project was at a standstill for 18 months; now the Hamburg authorities have come to an agreement with the construction company.

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Problems with the roof were among many reasons for the delays, as well as the rising bill. The building was supposed to be finished in fall of 2010 at a cost of €77 million. Recent estimates cite a figure of €575 million. In order to finish the job, the construction company Hochtief is taking on some of the financial responsibility for the project. As Sonja Schock found out: that could be a risky decision, with other problems on the horizon.