Germany: The Benevolent Braunschweiger | All media content | DW | 12.06.2013
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European Journal

Germany: The Benevolent Braunschweiger

It’s the stuff of fairytales: a generous soul benefiting others. This true story from Braunschweig is about a philanthropist who has been giving away money to the needy.

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The mystery man has so far handed out around €200,000 - to child daycare facilities, road safety centers and homeless shelters. He has also singled out individuals, such as an elderly lady who was attacked and a man who risked his own safety coming to the help of others. The donor has always remained anonymous. Locals are not sure whether this is someone who has inherited considerable wealth or somebody wishing to assuage a guilty conscience. The beneficiaries are not too concerned with the person’s identity. They are grateful for the gifts, regardless of whether the source is anonymous or known to them.