Germany proposes raft of measures targeting terrorism, crime | News | DW | 10.11.2016
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Germany proposes raft of measures targeting terrorism, crime

Berlin has decided to introduce stronger security measures across the country. These include introducing electronic tags for terror convicts, more video cameras and better protection for police officers on duty.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere and Justice Minister Heiko Maas said on Thursday they were planning to introduce better methods of monitoring criminals and improving safety. The draft laws are still under preparation but are expected to be sent to the cabinet quickly.

The proposed measures include introducing electronic ankle braclets for people previously convicted of terror related crimes. These electronic tags would be used on people previously convicted for planning a violent attack, financing terrorism or supporting terror organizations. However, a previously discussed proposal that the German citizenship of dual national terror convicts be revoked was cut.

The ministers said they would also propose that police wear bodycams in order to protect them from attacks and document evidence. Attacks on police officers would result in stronger punishments for offenders.

The proposal also calls for increasing the use of video cameras in public spaces and that Germany's data protection law be changed to achieve this. The government also wants to introduce devices to read number plates on cars to tackle cross-border crime.

Another aspect of the proposal would introduce stronger punishment for home burglaries. 

The ministers said it would keep up efforts in improving personnel resources and provide other facilities that state security organizations were desperately in need of. However, no concrete numbers were agreed upon.

mg/cw (dpa, AFP)

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