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Flood Protection in Switzerland

June 14, 2024

Swiss cities and municipalities are often hit badly by extreme weather events because of the steep slopes of the surrounding Alps.

Schweiz Unwetter Sturm Hochwasser
Image: Jean-Christophe Bott/dpa/Keystone/picture alliance

Engineers there have now designed a bridge that – while the same height – allows more water to pass beneath.


German foresters help woods flourish with help from AI

Prolonged droughts in Germany are causing problems for deciduous trees. Satellite and drone images reveal extensive damage to stands of beech in particular. In the future, artificial intelligence can be harnessed to make the forest more resilient.


Türkei Antalia
A wing on an airplaneImage: Westend61/imago

How do planes take off and remain airborne?

Airplanes can weigh hundreds of tons and still lift off. It’s all a question of airflow around specially shaped airfoils based on bird wings. This week's Tomorrow Today viewer question comes from Salihu I. in Nigeria.


AI sets the stage for greener agriculture

In the future, AI-controlled robots on farms will be able to plant, sow, fertilize, weed, harvest, and fight off pests autonomously. Harnessing digital technology can increase yields and minimize environmental impact.


Clay versus concrete: advantages of an old building material

Manufacturing concrete creates lots of carbon dioxide. Building with clay would be much more climate friendly, but it’s less stable. New ways of using the old building material are being explored by an architecture firm in Switzerland.



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