Fighting Growing Garbage Heaps in Russia | Reporter - On Location | DW | 24.03.2018
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Fighting Growing Garbage Heaps in Russia

Irina has had enough. Her hometown Kolomna is where most of Moscow’s garbage is dumped. But the waste is not disposed of properly, and is a health hazard to anyone nearby. She’s started organizing protests, even though she could get arrested for it.

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South of Moscow is the ancient city Kolomna, where the capital city has been dumping most of its garbage for the last six months. 6,000 tons of garbage, or 300 truck-loads, arrive each day. Even in winter, the stench is unbearable, and the improper disposal poses a health risk to residents. By 2019, there are plans to expand the site to five times its current size. Residents were never consulted on the issue. Irina is one of those who are no longer willing to accept this. They are organizing protests, even though it means they could be arrested. "This Stinks!" Irina's Struggle Against Landfills A Report by Miodrag Soric