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Fashion Capital Paris Dressing up for the Olympics

July 5, 2024

Sports and fashion will inspire each other as Paris, the capital of France and high fashion, hosts the 2024 Olympic Games.

DW Euromaxx  | Olympiafashionshow
Image: DW


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Is Milan a good city to study in?

We put Milan to the test: All you need to know as a foreign student wanting to study in the northern Italian university city of Milan?


Demonstration for a change in the tourism model in the Canary Islands
Demonstration for a change in the tourism model in the Canary IslandsImage: Borja Suarez/REUTERS

What to do about mass tourism on Tenerife?

On the Canary Island of Tenerife, locals are protesting against too many tourists. How do they like to better deal with the constant rush of visitors? 


As good as pizza? Lángos, Hungary's favorite street food.

In the summer, freshly fried lángos with sour cream and cheese can be found on every street corner around Hungary. Lángos fills you up and makes you happy.


Magazin Euromaxx | EMXD Udo Masshoff
High-end drums from Udo MasshoffImage: DW

High-end drums from Udo Masshoff

Udo Masshoff is not only an acclaimed drummer himself, but he also designs particularly luxurious drum kits for fellow musicians. Among the German drum maestro’s customers are famous bands like the Rolling Stones.



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