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Failing against Russia: Can Ukraine survive the war?

November 23, 2023

Ten years after the Euromaidan uprising, Ukrainians are still fighting for their independence from Russia. Is the West letting them down? Our guests: Gustav Gressel (Military Expert), Gesine Dornblüth (DLF), Roman Goncharenko (DW)

TTPd+e, 23.11.23, Dornblüth, Gesine
Image: DW


Gesine Dornblüth,

is a radio journalist and author, and former correspondent for Germany's Deutschlandfunk in Russia.    



TTPd+e, 23.11.23, Goncharenko, Gustav
Image: DW



Roman Goncharenko,

is a DW colleague from Ukraine, currently working with DWs Russian service in Bonn.


TTPd+e, 23.11.23, Gressel, Gustav
Image: DW



Gustav Gressel,

is a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations here in Berlin.


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