Euro 2020: Germany recreate Campo Bahia in Bavaria | Sports | German football and major international sports news | DW | 10.06.2021

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Euro 2020: Germany recreate Campo Bahia in Bavaria

Germany have moved into their base camp ahead of Euro 2020. Inspired by their location in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, team manager Oliver Bierhoff wants the location's spirit to resonate.

Germany's Euro 2020 headquarters

Germany fans won't stand a chance of getting a glimpse of any of their heroes here

The small town of Herzogenaurach would be unknown were it not for Adidas and Puma. The famous division of the Dassler brothers led to the birthplace of two now world-renowned brands and both still have their headquarters in the Bavarian town.

This is also where Germany will call home for the next few weeks during the European Championships. Quite literally too given that their base camp is called "Home Ground."

Adidas' main slogan is splashed across the outside of the building: "Impossible is nothing." Germany fans hoping to see or meet their sporting heroes might argue otherwise. The team are very much hidden away in Adidas' headquarters. High fences around the site have made it into a bubble.

Players are tested for COVID-19 every day, and journalists also have to have a negative test before the step on site.

"We are quite closed off, but at tournaments you are in a tunnel," team manager Oliver Bierhoff said. "It is good that we have this focus though, and we are rarely distracted. I see the tunnel perspective as a positive."

Germany's Home Ground

Germany are hoping their base for Euro 2020 will help make big things possible

There is a whiff of Campo Bahia, Germany's base camp in 2014, about it all but rather than sand and beaches, this is all trees, exposed wood and big windows.

"We have lots of nature around us and plenty of calmness," Bierhoff said of the camp. "We want to awaken a spirit," said the 53-year-old. "The spirt of Herzogenaurach."

Ilkay Gündogan called the facilities fantastic.

Bierhoff was inspired by the model that worked in Brazil and wanted to retain the concept of a community feel. Short spaces to travel, whether to the canteen or the lounge area, make a difference to the development of a team. The creation of a market place style area at the heart of the site is a smart move.

From above, the three bungalows and 15 apartments look like scattered ice cubes connected by Christmas lights. The players are split up into groups of four, with experienced heads mixed with young stars. Toni Kroos is sharing with Mathias Ginter as well as new faces Florian Neuhaus and Christian Günter, while captain Manuel Neuer is in with Jamal Musiala, Jonas Hofmann and Lukas Klostermann.

Adidas has already stated it intends to use the freshly built facilities after the tournament for employees and external guests.

Germany's headquarters

Germany's Home Ground: Scattered ice cubes connected by Christmas lights

The rest of the camp includes all the facilities that are now commonplace for major international teams at big tournaments. There's a pool and even a paddle tennis court, which came at the behest of captain Manuel Neuer. Video games may get played, but it seems cards and other games have taken over. Kevin Volland's backgammon board has apparently been a welcome addition to the entertainment options.

The training area is on the same "World of Sports" complex, which again is full of the usual facilities and luxuries afforded to the best footballers in the country ahead of a major tournament. Training will take place at the Adi-Dassler stadium.

Base camps don't win tournaments, but the wrong one can certainly contribute to an unsuccessful month, as Germany's time in isolated Vatutinki, Russia, proved in 2018. Bierhoff and co. will hope they can enjoy this base camp a little longer than the last one.

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