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Deutsche Welle Englisch Fußball Jonathan Harding
Image: DW/P.Henriksen

Jonathan Harding

Reporter and editor for DW Sports with a special focus on German football and human interest stories

German football has been the focus of Jonathan's work for a decade now, and has been covering it for DW since 2014.

Jonathan studied German at the University of Birmingham before getting a job in sports media in Munich. 

He joined the DW sports team in 2014, just in time to cover Germany's World Cup glory in Brazil. Two years later, he was the Paris correspondent for Euro 2016 and in 2018 he covered Germany in Russia for the World Cup. In 2021, he continued that role at the delayed Euros.

Since day one, Jonathan has also covered the Bundesliga. He has created and presented social media videos and completed interviews and shows for features on DW's Sports Youtube channel. In 2021, he also launched and produced DW's sports podcast, Project Fussball, a series-based podcast looking at the big issues in German football.

Jonathan has also written two books.

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