Eat better in Germany | DW Travel | DW | 27.12.2013
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Eat better in Germany

Our culinary tour takes us from the Swabian Alps to Wuppertal to a small town just outside Hamburg, with three young chefs showing us what's on the menu when it comes to regional and seasonal cooking.

More and more chefs in Germany are drawing inspiration from the Slow Food movement.

In the town of Münsingen in the southwestern Swabian Alps region, Jürgen Autenrieth serves up local cuisine to his guests at the Hermann Hotel. One of his favorite dishes features Alb lentils, a traditional variety that has recently been rediscovered.

Moving on to Wuppertal, we pay a visit to Volker Mehl, who serves flavorful vegetarian and vegan dishes made according to the Ayurvedic tradition. And then it's on to Wulksfelde organic farm in the small town of Tangstedt, just north of Hamburg. The Gutsküche restaurant, located right on the farm, is run by Matthias and Rebecca Gfrörer. They offer hearty, regional fare using homegrown organic ingredients, all cooked with an eye to both flavor and sustainability.

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