DW puts the moovel route planner app to the test | DW Travel | DW | 10.03.2015
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DW puts the moovel route planner app to the test

How do I find the best way from A to B? The free moovel app checks several mobility providers to offer a choice of suitable connections and also helps to electronically book and pay.

"I want to go from Berlin Hauptbahnhof main train station to Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 at 17:30 today:" this is how a search on moovel might look. You just fill in the relevant data and the app will search suitable connections. Suggested results can be sorted according to travel cost and travel time. Planned or frequently used routes can be saved so the itinerary is easy to call up, so long as you are a registered user.

For route planning the app accesses national and local public transport providers as well as private companies. So the app will list connections using Deutsche Bahn, car and bike rentals or sharing companies as well as taxis. For those who don't fancy cycling in the rain or standing on a bus during rush-hour, they can adjust the search to exclude certain transportation. If a route planner is not needed but you merely want to locate the next bus stop or an available taxi - that can easily be found using the map function. What sets this app apart from other route planners is that you can pay for the travel by credit card or direct debit, so long as you are a registered user.

In our test moovel scored highly with its smart design and intuitive layout. In central Berlin it was able without fault to establish all possible connections. However, what remains is the nagging question of transparency and preferential listing of certain modes of transport. Car2Go, mytaxi and moovel are all subsidiaries of car giant Daimler AG, and therefore all serve the same interests. For our search from Berlin main station to Frankfurt Airport the app merely suggested connections with Deutsche Bahn, including local transport providers within the DB network. Faster or cheaper connections, like flying or using coaches, were not listed. Also the ridesharing partner company mitfahrgelegenheit.de did not feature among the suggestions.

Result: Moovel's strengths are definitely local connections. Avid supporters of electronic ticket purchasing should consider getting this app. Users who like to travel long distances as economically as possible, however, are better served with other apps.

Android, iPhone, Size: 25.1 MB, languages: English, German, cost: free