DW and Nigeria’s Channels TV announce major cooperation | Africa | DW | 17.07.2015
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DW and Nigeria’s Channels TV announce major cooperation

Deutsche Welle and Channels TV have agreed on a partnership, DW’s Director General Peter Limbourg said the deal further demonstrates the long tradition of showing a positive view of Africa.

The collaboration was announced in Lagos on Friday at Channels TV headquarters. Speaking at the event, Limbourg said the coverage on Channels TV by DW correspondents at the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt will bring economic information not only about Germany but also about Europe to Nigeria.

"Channels is a great station and a perfect partner for us. Working together means having concrete projects," Limbourg said. Channels is one of Nigeria's largest television networks. Limbourg said the partnership will expand to other programs like "Africa on the Move" - a program that showcases ordinary people seeking to make positive changes to their environment. "We at Deutsche Welle think that we have to report the great things that happen in Africa, especially in Nigeria. We will like to bring another African picture into the discussion," Limbourg said.

The head of Germany's international broadcaster said the collaboration would include input from both sides. "We don't want to have a one-sided picture of Africa. I am even more convinced to do more of these kinds of things," Limbourg said. Under the partnership, journalists from Channels TV will benefit from DW training.

Solid partnership

John Momoh, CEO of Channels TV, said the relationship with Deutsche Welle looks like it was "made in heaven." He said the whole idea is to be able to tell African stories to wider societies, specifically to Europe and then to the rest of the world.

DW TV Nigeria Logos.

The partnership between DW and Channels TV aims to change the way Africa is viewed

"This is part of our strategy to tell the African story, especially that of Nigeria, from the African perspective so that we do not leave this key element of definition of who we are, what we do and why, to other people to tell on our behalf," Momoh said.

He said the partnership will enable Channels television " to take the lead in covering Nigeria and the rest of the African continent ."

Boason Omofaye, head of business news at Channel TV, is particularly pleased about having the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on his program. "As someone who has covered the financial market for the last 26 years, it will be nice to see the Frankfurt Stock Exchange live on Channels Television," Omofaye said.

He said their newly-launched partnership is strategically important from the economic and business perspective, given that Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa while Germany is Europe's largest. "For Nigerians in Germany, for Germans in Nigeria, who are interested in terms of buying stocks, buying Nigerian bonds, investing in Nigerian government treasury bills, the partnership brings something new to the table," Omofaye said.

Michael Derus, Germany's Consul General in Nigeria, who witnessed the event, said " it further highlights Germany's visibility in Nigeria and at the same time Nigeria's visibility in Germany."

The collaboration with Channels TV is the latest move by Deutsche Welle to further strengthen its presence in Africa.

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