DW-AKADEMIE | New communication channels | Newsletter | DW | 14.04.2011
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DW-AKADEMIE | New communication channels

Join us on Facebook! With DW-AKADEMIE’s page on the world’s largest social networking site and new blogs for Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe/Central Asia you can now access even more DW-AKADEMIE multimedia news.


The link facebook.com/DWAkademie regularly features information on DW-AKADEMIE projects and events. Here you can find details on upcoming traineeships, interesting links on media development, announcements, and publications for downloading.

04.2011 DW-AKADEMIE facebook Afrika

The page is linked to regionally-specific Facebook pages for Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe/Central Asia. DW-AKADEMIE participants and alumni can use these pages for networking and communicating in their own language. Most links on these Facebook pages take you to DW-AKADEMIE’s new regional blogs. You do not have to register with Facebook to use them.

The regional blogs feature posts tailored to journalists and media workers in the respective regions. Posts in the Latin American blog are therefore primarily in Spanish, those for Africa and Asia in English, and those for Europe/Central Asia in Russian. Comments and posts in other languages used in the regions are welcome. A DW-AKADEMIE blog in Arabic for media workers in the Arab world will be added shortly.

In addition to practical tips and interesting links, the regional blogs offer reports from workshop participants and trainers, project videos and photos, and further information and tutorials for media workers. The new blogs and Facebook pages have passed the test phase with flying colours. “I love DW-AKADEMIE” wrote a former participant from Kyrgyzstan.

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