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Diversity at Work: A Win for Everyone!

May 27, 2022

Black and queer people in management positions, the integration of people with disabilities, female founders in India and inequality caused by climate change. What is diversity and why does it matter?

Symbolbilder für Diversity Day
Image: Robert Kneschke/Zoonar/picture alliance
DW To the point | TTPE | Chiponda Chimbelu
Image: DW

What’s it like to be Black and queer in Germany?

Köln | Christopher-Street-Day-Parade
Image: Christoph Hardt/Geisler-Fotopress/picture alliance

Chiponda Chimbelu, an equality expert at DW, sheds light on the barriers faced by Black and queer people in Germany. What’s behind the country's lack of diversity in the workplace?

What does diversity really mean?

People differ by gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability and much more. The concept of diversity aims to recognize and value these individual characteristics and to appreciate the benefits of inclusiveness.


Symbolbild Menschen mit Behinderungen Coronakrise Lockdown
Image: Britta Pedersen/dpa/picture alliance

Inclusive workplaces

Japan Symbolbild Burnout im Büro
Image: Imago/imagebroker

Jill Houghton is an expert in workplace inclusivity. She sets out ways to achieve that goal. She says it benefits both the workforce and the company.

Overcoming barriers for women entrepreneurs in Asia

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. Large tech companies are drawn to the city, as are startups. But women still face barriers. The persistence of traditional gender norms makes it hard for women to launch companies.


Bilderchronik des Krieges in der Ukraine | Deutschland Kateryna Nezhentseva
Image: Federico Gambarini/dpa/picture alliance

Ukrainian nurses on the job in Germany

Ukrainian refugees who are trained nurses could help alleviate Germany’s nursing shortage. For now, the Ukrainian nurses are working under supervision, learning German, and preparing for licensure exams. German hospitals hope they’ll stay.


Mosambik Fischer Kleinfischer
Image: Ismael Miquidade

The climate crisis: three stories

Mozambique fishers can no longer fish; Indian farmers can no longer live from their crops; Guatemalan women have been plunged into poverty. Three stories show how climate change is causing misery and chaos around the world.




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