Denmark: A city gives up a spelling convention | European Journal | DW | 21.01.2011
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European Journal

Denmark: A city gives up a spelling convention

Since the beginning of the year, the Danish city of Århus has been subject to a new spelling rule. And that's got many of its inhabitants up in arms.


Altstadt von Århus/Aarhus

Old Town in Aarhus.

An opinion poll showed 57 percent of the 300,000 population are against the change. But the mayor of Aarhus only sees advantages. He says it makes the city easier to look up on the internet. He also argues that in Denmark, double A comes right at the beginning of the alphabet, while the ring above the A puts it right at the end. But for centuries, the city was known as Aarhus. The ring above the A was only introduced as part of a Danish spelling reform in 1948.