Covering Donald J. Trump | Close up - The Current Affairs Documentary | DW | 15.01.2018
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Close up

Covering Donald J. Trump

DW correspondent Alexandra von Nahmen is used to hearing President Trump's claims of "fake news." She accompanied the Trump administration for a year - and takes an exclusive look behind the scenes of Washington politics and media operations.

Watch video 28:31

In his tweets and speeches, the president encourages his political base to call out reporters whose coverage of him and his policies is less than favourable. This conflict with the media continues to characterize the Trump administration -- and has sharpened the political divisions in the United States. Alexandra von Nahmen is a member of the White House press corps, and has covered the president for a year now. She's accompanied him on foreign visits, and has attended his political rallies in the American heartland. In this report, she talks to both Trump supporters and opponents, and to media experts and journalists - including the Washington bureau chief at the prestigious New York Times, a young reporter for the conservative website "The Daily Caller," and the White House correspondent for Playboy Magazine. Von Nahmen explores a question that a lot of people in the US and around the world are asking right now: "Does Donald Trump pose a threat to press freedom?" -- and by extension, a threat to democracy?