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Conflict Kitchen

Interview: Kate Laycock and Emma WallisSeptember 14, 2013

A Pittsburgh art/food project is opening a window to the world with their "Conflict Kitchen." Not only do they serve culinary specialities from US "enemies," but they get Americans talking with Cubans, Iranians and Venezuelans.


Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela and North Korea: What do all these countries have in common? The answer is that the US is presently in conflict with them. That is why an Conflict Kitchen serves food from those places accompanied by information, interviews and performances from the countries' residents.

Conflict Kitchen spends six months researching their subjects, gathering interviews and traveling to the country - where possible - to deepen their knowledge and identify pertinent issues which they bring back home to get the people of Pittsburgh talking and thinking about the world.

DW's WorldLink spoke about it with Dawn Weleski, one of the co-founders.