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Bleak winter ahead: Who’s to blame for Europe’s energy crisis?

October 21, 2021

The prices of petroleum products and natural gas are exploding worldwide. Will there be an energy crisis? And will Europe become dependent on Russian gas? Our guests: Christoph Burger (ESMT University), Malte Kreutzfeldt (TAZ), Thierry Bros (energy expert)

DW Sendung To The Point | Malte Kreuzfeldt
Image: DW


Malte Kreutzfeldt, economy editor with the Berlin daily newspaper, the TAZ. His opinion: "To reach our climate goals, fossil fuels will have to become even more expensive. We must switch to renewables - the sooner the better."


DW Sendung To The Point | Christoph Burger
Image: DW



Christoph Burger works with the Berlin-based European School of Management and Technology. He says "Russia‘s Gazprom is a global firm, that is simply trying to maximize profits. It’s the job of European policymakers to ensure sufficient competition on energy markets.“ 


DW Sendung To The Point | Thierry Bros


Thierry Bros, energy expert and professor at SciencesPo-university. He believes: "It doesn't make sense to switch from nuclear to renewable energy as Germany does because it entails higher CO2 emissions."

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