Berlin - Traces of the Former Wall | DW Travel | DW | 26.11.2013

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Berlin - Traces of the Former Wall

Berlin has changed a lot since the fall of the Wall. But traces of the 160-kilometer-long border that once surrounded West Berlin are still visible at the Brandenburg Gate and the East Side Gallery - and elsewhere, too!

In addition to the more prominent sites, it's well worth looking at other areas along the Wall route, such as the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse. Here you can see sixty meters of the border fortifications. And a window of remembrance commemorates the victims of the Wall.

A short walk away, you'll find the watchtower on Kieler Strasse. Of the original 302 watchtowers that once stood along the Wall, only three remain. The one on Kieler Strasse owes its existence to a private initiative. Not far away is St.Hedwig cemetery on Liesenstrasse. Here you can also see remnants of the Wall, which was built right through the middle of the cemetery, necessitating the removal of many graves.

Berlin - Traces of the Former Wall

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