Borkum Island - Allergy-friendly vacations | DW Travel | DW | 20.11.2013
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Borkum Island - Allergy-friendly vacations

Borkum is the westernmost of the East Frisian Islands and also the largest island in the North Sea. It has a maritime climate that is especially low in pollen and pollutants.

It is the perfect destination for people with allergies. The islanders want to make that their trademark, and now cater for the needs of tourists with allergies. Many bakers and butchers use gluten and lactose free ingredients. Hoteliers furnish their lodgings with special mattresses. So Borkum can be proud of its allergy-friendly credentials, and allergy-sufferers can enjoy the activities it offers in comfort.

They include, of course, strolls along the beach no matter what the weather, at dawn and at dusk. Or why not visit a porcelain painter? Antke Iburg has made her hobby her profession and paints plates and cups with painstaking precision. Then there's the Borkum narrow gauge railway, where you can even be an engine driver if you like.

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