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Berlin: Hundreds protest Rammstein over sexual abuse claims

July 15, 2023

Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting women at afterparties. More than 76,000 people signed a petition calling for the metal band's Berlin shows to be cancelled.

Protesters outside the Rammstein concert in Berlin
Protesters gathered outside Berlin's Olympic stadium, where 60,000 were set to watch Rammstein perform on SaturdayImage: Fabian Sommer/dpa/picture alliance

Around 300 protesters gathered outside a Rammstein concert in Berlin on Saturday, calling for the show to be canceled over sexual assault accusations against frontman Till Lindemann.

Protesters held signs including ones that read "stop rape culture" and "only yes means yes."

A police spokesperson told German broadcaster RBB the protest was peaceful and without any major incidents.

"We're home again! Thank you, Berlin!" Lindemann said at the end of the show at Berlin's 1936 Olympic stadium that was attended by around 60,000 people.

The hard rock band is due to perform in Berlin again on Sunday and on Tuesday next week.

A banner that reads "Kein Rammstein in Berlin!"
Protesters have called for Rammstein's three shows in Berlin to be cancelledImage: Fabian Sommer/dpa/picture alliance

Petition against Berlin gigs

Prior to the concert, more than 76,000 people signed a petition entitled "No stage for Rammstein" in order to prevent the band from performing in their hometown, Berlin.

According to Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, a group called RammNein! also hijacked several billboards in the city to protest the concerts.

"It is a scandal that, despite more than 75,000 signatures on a petition and the current situation, the state of Berlin is allowing these concerts to take place," a spokesperson from the group was quoted as saying.

Berlin's Senator for Culture, former metal singer Joe Chialo, called the petition "emotionally understandable" but said the demands had no legal basis.

What are the accusations against Till Lindemann?

Multiple women have accused Linedemann of sexual misconduct and putting them in uncomfortable situations after concerts.

The wave of accusations emerged on social media after a young Irish woman alleged that she had been drugged and propositioned by Lindemann at a backstage party in Vilnius.

Lindemann's lawyers have categorically denied allegations that he drugged women "with the help of knockout drops or alcohol to enable our client to perform sexual acts on them."

German band Rammstein hit by sexual misconduct allegations

"These allegations are without exception untrue," his lawyers said.

The Berlin public prosecutor's office has opened preliminary proceedings against Lindemann.

zc/lo (dpa, DW sources)