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Rammstein concerts can't be canceled, Berlin confirms

July 13, 2023

Despite calls for the cancellation of concerts in Germany amid allegations of sexual assault against Till Lindemann, Rammstein fans will get to see the band in Berlin.

Till Lindemann performing, dressed and covered in red make-up.
Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann has denied all allegationsImage: Carlos Santiago/ Eyepix Group/ZUMA

The campaign "No Stage for Rammstein" has been calling for the cancellation of the three Rammstein concerts scheduled for mid-July in Berlin, following accusations of sexual assault against singer Till Lindemann.

The band will be playing at the Olympiastadion in Berlin on July 15, 16 and 18 as part of their European tour. The concerts, with more than 60,000 tickets per night, are sold out.

Berlin Senator for Culture, Joe Chialo, has reacted to the petition, which has collected more than 74,000 signatures, stating that events will be held as planned: "The demand is emotionally understandable, but legally there is no leverage," he said.

"I'm always on the side of the victims, of course, and I take the allegations made by these women very seriously," Chialo added.

However, he pointed out, the presumption of innocence applies. Chialo warned against hasty demands, as he feels that in such cases "the speed at which events unfold makes everything particularly challenging." 

Till Lindemann takes legal action against petition

Meanwhile, Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann is taking legal action against the initiators of the campaign.

The petition states that "Rammstein singer Till Lindemann is said to have sexually abused young women at concerts in a serial and systematic way," and concludes with the words: "The Rammstein concerts must be canceled! Berlin must not become a place for sexual abuse! We do not celebrate perpetrators!"

Lindemann's lawyers argue that such formulations "disseminate untrue and defamatory allegations."

Campaign platform supports petition

The law firm Schertz Bergmann, which represents Lindemann, has sent a cease-and-desist order to Campact, the German website hosting the petition. The lawyers are asking Campact to refrain from using certain formulations in the petition. But the campaign platform has stated that it will not sign the declaration.

"We stand behind the initiator of the petition and support her demands," writes Felix Kolb, Campact's managing director, in statement published on Monday under the petition.

"We consider it our duty to support the courageous people who have spoken out publicly about the incidents at Rammstein concerts and are demanding consequences," Kolb adds. "This also includes not being forbidden to use clear words."

People holding signs in protest against Rammstein concerts
The campaign's initiators organized protests in June in front of a Berlin government office overseeing the city's eventsImage: Wolfgang Kumm/dpa/picture alliance

Concerts to take place without 'row zero' area

Several women have accused Rammstein's Till Lindemann of sexual misconduct, posting their stories on social media. The wave of accusations came after a young Irish woman, Shelby Lynn, first publicized that she had been drugged and propositioned by Lindemann at a backstage party in Vilnius.

German reporters then found that young women were systematically recruited at concerts to engage in sexual relations with Lindemann. 

Lindemann has firmly rejected the allegations against him. His lawyers have announced that legal action will be pursued in reaction to all accusations of sexual misconduct leveled against the Rammstein singer.

Known for their taboo-breaking antics and theatrical stage shows heavy on pyrotechnics, the industrial metal band Rammstein is popular around the world.

The scandal has emerged amid the band's European stadium tour. In Germany, there won't be a  "row zero" area right in front of the stage, where women were reportedly gathered for encounters with the singer. 

Inside Rammstein's 'Row Zero' system: Women speak out

Update: This article was first published on July 11 and updated on July 13 with statements by Berlin politician Joe Chialo.

Edited by: Brenda Haas

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