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Young Africans Farmers and the Challenges They're Facing

October 7, 2021

Why do young people go into agriculture? We meet a 22-year-old Malian farmer who produces everything from tomatoes to fruit juice. In our Street Debate we discuss the challenges of farming and land ownership.

DW 77 Percent I Michael Oti
Image: DW

And we meet researchers, who are testing the best recipes for insect lovers and go on a coffee tour in Uganda.


DW 77 Percent I Adama Kante
Image: Annie Risemberg/DW

Mali’s young creative farmers

By 2050, 60 % of Africans are expected to live in urban areas. This calls for creative solutions to provide them with food. The 77 Percent met Adama Kante, a young Malian farmer, who is not only growing his crops close to the city, but also processing them and using his own fleet of mobile kiosks to bring the food to the customers.


DW 77 Percent I Street Debate - Christine Mhundwa
Image: DW

Street Debate: Chasing Zimbabwe’s agriculture dream

Farming and land have been a hot issue in Zimbabwe ever since independence. But is there enough farmland today for the young people? In The 77 Percent Street Debate, Christine Mhundwa met young Zimbabwean farmers on the outskirts of Harare to find out.


DW 77 Percent I Fishing
Image: Isaac Kaledzi/DW

Ghana: From fish-farm to table

Fish farming is still in its early stages in Ghana. But the company ProFish Ghana has found a way to grow and market farmed fish. Through its online platform it delivers fish directly to customers, shortening the cold-chain.


DW 77 Percent I Maggots
Image: Michael Baleke/DW

Farming maggots to feed chicken

Farming wriggly worms might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But in Ugandan chicken farmer Wandiya Wagidebu has taken on the task to produce his own chicken feed - which is cheaper and possibly even more nutritious than typical poultry feed. 


DW 77 Percent I Insect Cookbook
Image: Stefan Möhl/DW

The nutritious taste of bugs

In Zimbabwe, a new cookbook is the latest attempt to make edible insects more appealing to a wider audience. It has recipes for mopane worm samosas, stink bug ginger nuggets and even beetle fritters.


DW 77 Percent I Coffee
Image: Julius Mugambwa/DW

Young Ugandans hit green gold

Coffee is Uganda's number one earning export crop. But until recently, the country's youth have been sidelined from the industry. DW meets young entrepreneurs pioneering new ways to profit from one of the world's most popular beverages.




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