Wolves make a comeback | Global Ideas | DW | 29.04.2014
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Global Ideas

Wolves make a comeback

Once hunted to near extinction, wolves have slowly returned to Germany. A wolf center in the north of the country aims to inform visitors and challenge their notions of the creatures as mere predators.

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Once hunted to near extinction with traps and poison, wolves are slowly returning to Germany. An estimated 25 packs now roam the country’s forests, largely unnoticed by humans. A wolf center in Lower Saxony in northern Germany aims to dispel widely-held ideas of wolves as mean and cunning predators popularized by fairytales and myths. Visitors to the center can learn all about the creatures and their habitat and learn to accept them as a part of nature. It’s all meant to help boost wolf populations in the country.

An audio slideshow by Kerstin Schnatz

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