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WikiLeaks releases hacked Democratic voicemails

Richard ConnorJuly 28, 2016

WikiLeaks has released files of what it claims are voicemails hacked from the Democratic National Committee. Included are demands for former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his supporters to be sidelined.

Symbolbild Wikileaks
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/M. Gerten

Wikileaks released the 29 voicemails on Wednesday evening, including calls to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from unidentified individuals angry at Sanders influence on the party.

While most of the messages appeared to be inconsequential, others are likely to add to concern that the heart of the Democratic establishment was against Sanders' throughout the process of deciding upon a candidate.

One caller objected to Sanders - who until last year was an Independent member of the Senate affiliated to the Democrats - being given a speaking slot at the national convention.

Another was angry that Sanders supporter Cornel West, who once referred to US President Barack Obama as "a mascot of Wall Street oligarchs," had been given a role with the committee.

The publication comes in the middle of the Democratic National Convention, where Hillary Clinton was officially named the party's presidential nominee.

The releases are likely to further stoke resentment among Sanders supporters, already incensed after WikiLeaks published 19,000 internal emails that were taken from the DNC earlier this year. The emails showed DNC staffers actively supporting Clinton despite promising to remain neutral. The head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned over the disclosures.