Welcome to the newest edition of Eco Africa | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 27.12.2019
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Welcome to the newest edition of Eco Africa

On this week's Eco Africa, we watch the band making music from garbage in DR Congo, check out the solar lamps improving education in Rwanda, and visit the fight to save South Africa's endangered native plants.

On this week's episode of Eco Africa we explore some of the most exciting eco-projects coming out of Africa and beyond.

First we head to the Western Cape in South Africa, which is estimated to have the second highest rate of plant extinction in the world. Volunteers are fighting to protect the area using a new app. Then we visit Rwanda, to check out how a solar lamp is improving education outcomes for local children. 

Staying with solar energy but this time in Georgia, we visit a village that is reducing deforestation by replacing firewood burning with renewable energy. Then we check out a project in Ghana making green homes out of mud that save energy because they don't require air conditioning. 

After that we head to rural Kenya where a German organization is supporting local farmers by building a biogas plant. And finally we check out a band making music from garbage in Kinshasa. 

Check out the show and let us know what you think at ecoafrica@dw.com.