Welcome to eco@africa | eco@africa | DW | 25.08.2016
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Welcome to eco@africa

Meet Nneota Egbe, presenter of eco@africa, the show dedicated to exploring environmental issues and solutions across Africa and Europe. In this edition, he starts with an ambitious solar energy initiative in Rwanda.

In the latest edition of eco@africa: We go to Senegal, where work is underway to create an eco-village in a National Park. It is just one of thousands planned across the country, and highlights the possibilities of self-sufficient living.

We also meet a Nigerian artist who uses the rubbish he finds on the streets to create sculptures, installations and performances that highlight the environmental impacts of Africa's exploding urban populations. Want to see his work?

Our presenter, Nneota will also introduce you to the so-called Solar Sisters, who are doing it - by which we mean generating power - for themselves, and for many others in Uganda. And speaking of doing things, we go to the UK, where one man is doing his bit for the environment by teaching others how to make their own wind turbines.

Staying in Europe, we head to Italy to cross the threshold of a passive house. Not sure what that is? Tune in to find out.

About the presenter:

A graduate of geography, Nneota Egbe has spent the past seven years as an anchor, reporter and producer for Channels Television in Lagos, Nigeria. He has worked on a variety of different shows covering current affairs, cultural and environmental topics.

He has long been concerned about the environment. As the face of eco@africa, he believes it is important to live with an awareness of green issues and strives to ensure his actions help protect our natural world.

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