Welcome to a new special edition of Eco Africa | Eco Africa | DW | 29.01.2021
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Eco Africa

Welcome to a new special edition of Eco Africa

On this special edition of Africa we take a closer look at the extinction of different animal and plant species from South Africa and Kenya to Tunisia and even Germany and how that impacts biodiversity. 

Welcome to a special edition of Eco Africa where we bring you a host of clever ideas for a greener planet!

We start out with a quick look at the real numbers behind the extinction of animal and plant species around the world.

Then we head to Kenya where Mountain Bongo antelope are critically endangered. Currently there are only around 100 of the animals left in the wild in its native Kenya. But the only Mountain Bongo breeding program in the world is hoping to boost the species' numbers.

After that we talk with Jean-Paul Ghogue, a freshwater plants specialist for central Africa. He points out why keeping a balanced environment is essential and how biodiversity is key to healthy surroundings and a better life for all living things.

In Germany, we have a look at how artificial seagrass is being used to help recharge damaged coastlines.

Back in Africa, we go to Tunisia. There blue crabs are a serious menace to many other animals in the Mediterranean waters. The declining fish stocks are then a problem for fishermen. Now, some fishermen have taken to catching and selling the crabs instead of fish.

Finally, we head to South Africa. The country is one of the most densely fenced countries on Earth. Intensive farming has taken a toll on the land, but an initiative to remove fences and encourage animals' natural migration is helping it to recover.

Check out the show and let us know what you think at ecoafrica@dw.com.