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Head shot of a man (Volker Wagener) with gray hair and a beard
Volker Wagener

Volker Wagener

Writer for DW's Programs for Europe department

Volker Wagener's focus is on southeastern Europe and the Western Balkans. He also writes articles on social and historical subjects.

Volker Wagener joined Deutsche Welle in 1989. After a time as a politics editor at German public broadcasting radio station Deutschlandfunk, Volker spent five years as head of what was then DW's Croatian Service and later as North Rhine-Westphalia correspondent for Deutschland Radio.

From 2007 onwards, he worked in a number of different posts at DW, including as deputy head of the German-language Central Programming Directorate. He was responsible for Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian at DW from 2019 to March 2024. 

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