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Ukraine updates: Russia hacked Kyiv's power grid — report

Published November 9, 2023last updated November 10, 2023

A US firm says Russia was able to hack into Ukraine's electricity network in 2022, causing a power outage. Meanwhile, the US and South Korea voice concern about North Korea's links to Russia. Follow DW for the latest.

 A high voltage substation switchyard stands partially destroyed after the Ukrenergo power station was hit by a missile
Russia's cyberattacks on Ukraine came as Russia targeted the power network with missile and drone strikesImage: Ed Ram/Getty Images
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What you need to know

Russian cyberspies disrupted part of Ukraine's power grid in late 2022, a US cybersecurity firm has warned. 

Mandiant, which is part of Google, said the attack showed the latest evolution in Russia's cyber-physical attack capability.

The attack apparently tripped circuit breakers and caused a power outage.

In other related news, Washington and Seoul have voiced concern about links between Russia and North Korea.

Here's a look at the latest developments on Thursday, November 9, in Russia's war in Ukraine:

Skip next section EU Parliament calls for better enforcement of sanctions on Russia
November 10, 2023

EU Parliament calls for better enforcement of sanctions on Russia

The European Parliament called for stricter enforcement of European Union sanctions on Russia .

EU lawmakers urged member states to improve the enforcement of sanctions, close loopholes in the existing legislation and impose further restrictions on fossil fuel imports from Russia.

They also called for a full import stop of fossil fuels, according to a press release.

Lawmakers stressed in their resolution that despite the existing sanctions the EU remains one of Russia's largest fossil fuel clients due to the many loopholes.

European lawmakers also called for a ban on Russian diamonds and for assessing legal options to make frozen Russian assets available for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Plenty of oil from Russia: Sanctions ineffective?

Skip next section Ukraine says global 'peace summit' may take place next year
November 10, 2023

Ukraine says global 'peace summit' may take place next year

A global "peace summit" for Ukraine may now take place in February 2024, a top Kyiv official said.

Ukraine had aimed to hold a summit of world leaders this year as it tries to build a global coalition of support to endorse a 10-point "formula" for peace drafted by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The 10-point plan includes calls for the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity, withdrawal of Russian troops, protection of food and energy supplies, nuclear safety and the release of all prisoners.

Kyiv has organized a series of talks attended by dozens of countries without Russia, mostly recently in Malta at the level of national security advisers, to work towards the summit.

Ihor Zhovkva, Zelenskyy's top diplomatic adviser, told Reuters that Ukraine would arrange a fourth meeting of national security advisers in late November or early December.

"And the Global Summit might take place in February 2024," he said in a written statement.

The peace formula talks do not involve Russia, which launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and has occupied nearly a fifth of the country. Russia has rejected the peace "formula," saying it would be impossible to implement.

Skip next section Ukraine, Poland discuss trucker border protests
November 9, 2023

Ukraine, Poland discuss trucker border protests

Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov and his Polish counterpart Andrzej Adamczyk have discussed Polish trucker protests at the Ukrainian border.

Kyiv said on Thursday over 20,000 vehicles were blocked on both sides of its border with Poland, as Polish truckers protest for a fourth day against what they call unfair competition from Ukrainian rivals.

Polish transport companies have blocked border crossings with the war-torn country since Monday, demanding the reintroduction of entry permits for Ukrainian truckers. It is the latest in a series of recent tensions between the neighbors.

"Ukraine respects the right to protest and is ready for a constructive dialogue to resolve the situation," Kubrakov said, adding that the blockade already affects both the economy of Ukraine and the European Union.

The European Union waived permits for Ukrainian transport companies entering the 27-nation bloc, of which Poland is a member, after Russia invaded Ukraine last year. 

What's behind Poland's row with Ukraine?

Skip next section Ukraine to spend half of 2024 budget on defense
November 9, 2023

Ukraine to spend half of 2024 budget on defense

Ukrainian lawmakers have voted to approve a 2024 government budget that will see half of all state spending go to defense, as Kyiv drives resources into the war effort.

According to Ukraine's Finance Ministry, nearly 1.7 trillion hryvnia (about $47 billion or €44 billion) will be spent on defense, roughly the same amount as in 2023.

The figure is more than spending on education, social welfare and health care combined, and accounts for about half of the country's total planned spending of $93 billion.

Ukraine has relied heavily on financial support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Western allies like the United States to keep its economy afloat during the war.

It said it needed $41 billion in outside support to cover day-to-day spending next year, about the same amount the IMF predicted it would need in 2023.

Skip next section Russian Foreign Ministry says West won't find culprits of Nord Stream 2 blasts
November 9, 2023

Russian Foreign Ministry says West won't find culprits of Nord Stream 2 blasts

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said Moscow suspects the West won't find the perpetrators of explosions that damaged the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

The pipeline, which passed through Sweden and Denmark's exclusive economic zones, was designed to increase the flow of Russian gas directly to Germany. In September 2022, several sections of the structure were damaged by a series of blasts.

The United States and the NATO military alliance have called the explosions an "act of sabotage," while Russia has referred to them as a "terror attack."

Zakharova said the West had promised to investigate the attack and provide information to the public. She said that Russia had asked for an independent inquiry into the explosions, but she claimed this was "blocked" by the UN Security Council.

She accused Western countries of not being ready for "serious" investigations into the incident, saying that they "refused to cooperate with the state that suffered damage" from the explosions.

Sweden, Denmark and Germany have said that Russia has been informed about investigations by their respective national authorities.

Skip next section Ukraine says Black Sea export corridor functioning despite Russian attack
November 9, 2023

Ukraine says Black Sea export corridor functioning despite Russian attack

Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov has said Ukraine's alternative Black Sea export corridor is working despite a recent attack on a civilian vessel.

The comments come a day after Ukrainian officials said a Russian missile damaged a Liberia-flagged civilian ship entering a Black Sea port in the Odesa region, killing one person and injuring four.

"Ukrainian Corridor: vessel traffic continues both to and from the ports of Big Odesa (region)," Kubrakov said on social media.

He said six vessels carrying 231,000 tons of agricultural products had left ports within the southwestern Odesa region and were heading towards Turkey's Bosphorus Strait.

"Five vessels are waiting to enter ports for loading. Traffic along the  Ukrainian corridor continued despite Russia's systematic attacks on port infrastructure," the Ukrainian official said.

He said 91 vessels had exported 3.3 million metric tons of agricultural and metal products since Kyiv opened a "humanitarian corridor" of ships aimed for African and Asian markets in August. The route aims to circumvent a de facto Russian blockade.

Russia has repeatedly attacked Ukrainian port infrastructure after pulling out of a UN-brokered deal that guaranteed safe shipments of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea.

Skip next section Ukraine says calls for talks with Moscow 'uninformed'
November 9, 2023

Ukraine says calls for talks with Moscow 'uninformed'

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has dismissed calls for Kyiv to hold peace negotiations with Russia.

"Those who argue that Ukraine should negotiate with Russia now are either uninformed or misled," Kuleba said on social media.

"Or they side with Russia and want (Russian President Vladimir) Putin to take a pause before an even larger aggression," he added. "We should not and will not fall into this trap," he said.

He said that Kyiv held 200 rounds of talks with Moscow between 2014 and the start of Russia's war in Ukraine in February 2022.

Kuleba claimed that Russia violated 20 cease-fire agreements in the same period when Moscow-backed separatist forces were waging an insurgency in the eastern Ukrainian Donbas region.

Skip next section Russia hacked Ukraine's power grid, report says
November 9, 2023

Russia hacked Ukraine's power grid, report says

Russian cyber-spies launched a hack that  disrupted part of Ukraine's power grid in
late 2022, a report from the US cybersecurity firm Mandiant says

The hack was said to have been a rare and advanced form of cyberwarfare with Russia one of the few countries with the capability to carry out such cyberattacks.

"This attack represents the latest evolution in Russia's cyber physical attack capability, which has been increasingly visible since Russia's invasion of Ukraine," said the report. 

It did not specify which facility the attack had been carried out against.

The hacking group, known in cybersecurity research circles by the name "Sandworm," has been previously identified as a cyberwarfare unit of Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency.

It apparently managed to cause a power cut in the unidentified area of Ukraine by tripping circuit breakers at an electrical substation. 

This happened at the same time as a missile strike, and the group deployed data-wiping malware in a bid to cover their tracks.

Vulkan Files: How Putin Is waging a global cyberwar  

Skip next section US, South Korea wary of North Korean arms exports to Russia
November 9, 2023

US, South Korea wary of North Korean arms exports to Russia

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said he and his South Korean counterpart, Park Jin, share "profound" concerns about growing military cooperation between North Korea and Russia.

Blinken and Park talked Thursday about cooperating on a way to implement a so-called extended deterrence strategy for countering threats from North Korea and deepening strategic cooperation with Japan.

"Already our three countries are taking steps to improve our joint response through real-time sharing of DPRK missile warning data, trilateral defence exercises and efforts to counter DPRK's malicious cyber activities."

DPRK, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is North Korea's official name. The US and its allies have condemned what they claim is a flow of arms and military equipment from North Korea to Russia. 

While North Korea and Russia have denied any arms deals, their leaders pledged closer military cooperation at a meeting in Russia's Far East in September.

Concerns grow that North Korea is sending weapons to Russia