Top 5 travel videos on Facebook | DW Travel | DW | 22.12.2016
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Top 5 travel videos on Facebook

Short and informative - that's the appeal of travel videos on Facebook. And the number of clicks tell us which videos were especially popular on in 2016: a mixture of classics and newcomers.

Fifth place: Munich's Oktoberfest

Naturally, the world's biggest folk festival ranks high in the popularity sweepstakes. However, it wasn't the boisterous mood in the  mood in the beer tents that found the most Facebook fans. Instead it was the carousels and amusement rides on the Theresienwiese, where the festival takes place. 360-degree technology puts you right in the thick of the action. This is what to do: just click on the video with the mouse on your computer (Google Chrome Browser) or your finger on a smartphone, then drag it to pan to the viewpoint you want. You'll soon be whizzing around!   

Fourth place: Herrenhausen Gardens in Hanover

Watch video 00:41

Webvideo: Herrenhausen Gardens in Hanover

Baroque garden design beats the Bavarian beer festival - surprisingly, the video on the Herrenhausen Gardens ended up in fourth place. 17th century ensemble is indeed truly magnificent. It's the only Baroque garden in Germany that has been preserved in its original state. With all the flowers, sculptures and fountains, it's an open-air ballroom. Who would have imagined there were so many garden enthusiasts on Facebook? 


Third place: The Holsten Gate in Lübeck

Watch video 01:13

#DailyDrone: Holsten Gate, Lübeck

The #DailyDrone steadily circles and shows new bird's eye views of sights every day. The most successful web video in this category shows the city gate that symbolizes the northern German city of Lübeck.Once the gate with its defensive walls and towers kept unwanted visitors out of the rich mercantile city. Now it's a popular subject for anyone with a camera. Best regards from the Middle Ages!


Second place: Heidelberg's castle and old town

Watch video 01:19

Webvideo: Heidelberg

All the storybook city clichés seem to unite here: the romantic location on the Neckar River, the picturesque lanes and squares in the old town, and on top of that, the ruins of the abandoned castle. More than twelve million tourists a year visit the southern German city, and some of them have lost their hearts in Heidelberg, at least according to a German song written in the 1920s. Heidelberg is one of the top travel destinations in Germany and most-watched web videos on


First place: The amphibious bus in Hamburg

Watch video 00:36

Webvideo: Hamburg’s amphibious bus

The "Hafencity Riverbus" leaves all the competition in its wake, on land and on the water. The hybrid vehicle is half bus, half boat. It drives through the city and floats on the Elbe, and it's unique in Germany. Only in Hamburg can you experience this thrilling tour. It's 2016's definitive Facebook hit. Technology that captures the imagination!

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