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The Berlin Wall

August 6, 2021

The Berlin Wall was built 60 years ago. Euromaxx presents sites of the Cold War. Also: Art and culture behind the Iron Curtain. And: typical dishes in East and West German cuisine.

Euromaxx | Berlin Mauerbau
Image: DW

The Berlin Wall: the history of an iconic border

On August 13. 1961, the East German government built the Berlin Wall to stem the flow of refugees to the West. Painter Matthias Koeppel and musician Andrej Hermlin on the construction and legacy of the wall.


Euromaxx | Kuss Pärchen
Image: DW

Love in the East and West

Sigrid Krause from Magdeburg married the same man twice - more than three decades apart. When the last open border closed 60 years ago, it also separated her from her husband. 


Euromaxx | Diana Pineros
Image: DW

All along the watchtowers

The River Spree was once part of the border between East and West Berlin. Today, hip cultural sites line the banks of the river. Euromaxx reporter Diana Piñeros follows the trail of the Berlin Wall.



Euromaxx | Kuss Paar
Image: DW

Open Memory Box: films from everyday life in East Germany

A trip to the Brandenburg Gate, secret love affairs in the garden: How did people live behind the Iron Curtain? The "Open Memory Box" project is the world's largest online archive of private films from East Germany.


Euromaxx | Felicitas Then
Image: DW

Gastronomy from the east and west

Toast Hawaii and Tafelspitz in the West - Soljanka and breaded sausage schnitzel in the East. How did the division of Germany affect culinary development? Which dishes are still served today?




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