The 77 Percent | The 77 Percent | DW | 26.11.2020
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The 77 Percent

The 77 Percent

The 77 Percent checks out the talent of some young and aspiring football players in Nigeria. South African rapper Hemelbesem explores the legacy of Namibian independence hero Hendrik Witbooi.

Finding Nigeria's future football stars

Many kids dream of becoming football stars one day. Scout and coach John Soloman is helping turn their dreams into reality, searching for future talent in disadvantaged communities in Nigeria.


Footballer Kingsley Ehizibue: 'Of course racism affects me' 

In an exclusive interview, DW’s Bruce Amani speaks with Kingsley Ehizibue, a Dutch-Nigerian footballer who currently plays for the German Bundesliga Club, FC Cologne. Ehizibue tells DW about his journey in the world of football and how he has overcome setbacks while dealing with racism.


Clowning around during COVID-19

As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on the world's health and economic sectors, children's entertainment has fallen by the wayside. But that doesn't mean fun has to stop altogether. Clown Joseph Ayibatarilatei – aka Joe Panky – has taken to the streets of Lagos to give the kids something to cheer for.


Simon Witbooi: Keeping his ancestor's memory alive

He is a rapper, presenter, activist and the descendent of a Namibian independence fighter. In a collaboration with DW, Simon Witbooi – aka Hemelbesem – honors the legacy of his ancestor Hendrik Witbooi in his latest music video. We caught up with him in Cape Town to find out more about his quest to keep the memory of Hendrik Witbooi alive.


Ivory Coast election 2020: A bitter aftertaste

Student and activist Brice Oueza was looking forward to a free and fair election in Ivory Coast. He even signed up as an election observer. But after the opposition boycotted the polls following intimidation and violence, Brice decided not to cast his ballot. Incumbent President Alassane Ouattara won the election by a landslide. But Brice still believes young people's voices are the key to change.


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