Sleep like Elvis Presley in Bad Nauheim | DW Travel | DW | 16.08.2017
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Sleep like Elvis Presley in Bad Nauheim

While on military service in Germany, Elvis Presley stayed in an attractive small hotel in Bad Nauheim. Now it has been freshly renovated, including the famous room number 10.

The famous American musician Elvis Presley died forty years ago on 16 August in Graceland, Memphis. Now fans can see a black toilet lid in Hessen which Elvis had flown in from the United States because he did not like the one in his bathroom in Bad Nauheim.

Deutschland - Elvis Presley - Villa Grunewald in Bad Nauheim

Hotel manager Thomas Dröscher in the newly renovated Elvis Room

In the late 1950's Presley stayed there at the Villa Grunewald for several months. Since then fans have flocked to see room number 10 with its original furniture. Now you can stay the night in the room and even sleep in the bed where Elvis used to rest.  

A journey back in time for Elvis fans

Thomas Dröscher, who runs the small hotel, stresses that it is not a museum. The newly renovated hotel has now re-opened after standing empty for years.

Deutschland - Elvis Presley - Villa Grunewald in Bad Nauheim

The legendary black toilet lid

Fifteen of the 16 hotel rooms offer modern furniture alongside elegant antiques. But room 10 is different. It has heavy dark furniture with thick carpets and thick curtains, gilded pictures and pink armchairs, a bathroom with flowery tiles and the famous black toilet lid. Highly fashionable back in the 1950's it might now take a bit of getting used to says hotel manager Dröscher.  

But the room is part of the Elvis legend and most of the furniture was in the room during his stay.

Secret love: Elvis and Priscilla in Hessen

Elvis' Hochzeit

Elvis and Priscilla married on May 1, 1967

Presley came as a GI to Friedberg, Hessen in 1958. He stayed in the neighboring Bad Nauheim until early 1959. Then he moved to a house in the Goethestrasse, where he met the fourteen year old Priscilla Beaulieu. Later they married. Presley left Germany in 1960.

Bad Nauheim is proud of the fact that Elvis once stayed here and helps keep his memory alive. Every year it stages the European Elvis Festival which attracts visitors from around the world. This year it takes place from 18 August until 20 August.

Deutschland - Elvis Presley - Villa Grunewald in Bad Nauheim

Flowers at the Elvis monument in Bad Nauheim

The town is glad to announce that the hotel where Elvis once stayed has now re-opened. Bookings have already been taken for room 10 and now the hotel's manager is keen to welcome his new guests.

fm/ks (dpa)

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