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Serbia's surprising solution to air pollution — liquid trees

Luka Stokic Belgrade, Serbia
May 15, 2024

Not enough green areas in your city? A team of Serbian scientists may have the answer: a "tree" in liquid form that they say could help improve urban air quality.


A team of scientists from the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Belgrade has come up with an innovation they hope will help improve air quality in urban areas: the LIQUID3, which is also known as the "liquid tree."

The liquid tree is actually an aquarium, an urban photo-bioreactor, that purifies the air in urban areas where there is not enough space to plant natural trees. 

So far, three such liquid trees have been installed in Serbia — two in the capital, Belgrade, and one in the city of Uzice — and there are plans to "plant" more. There is also considerable interest from abroad.

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Luka Stokic Contributor from Serbia, weather forecast presenter, journalist, reporter