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Saudi Arabia & allies release Qatar 'terror list'

June 9, 2017

A group of Arab countries that cut ties with Qatar earlier this week has produced a list of people it claims are linked to terrorism. Qatar has vowed it would not "surrender" to the mounting pressure.

Qatar Prinz Al-Thani in Gaza 23.10.2012
Image: Said Khatib/AFP/Getty Images

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Bahrain issued a statement on Friday listing 59 people and 12 entities that the countries accuse of being Qatar-based and/or funded by Qatar and are connected to terrorism.

The "terror list" includes 18 Qataris, Egyptians, Kuwaitis, Bahrainis and Libyans. Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yousef al-Qaradawi was among those included. Qatari-funded charities Qatar Charity and Eid Charity were among the entities named in the statement.

Karte Countries that severed ties with Qatar ENG
A total of five nations severed diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday

"This list is connected to Qatar and serves suspicious agendas in an indication of the duality of Qatar policies," read the statement from the four countries, adding "they won't be lenient in pursuing" those on the list.

There was not an immediate comment from Qatar about the "terror list." Qatar has previously said it would "not surrender" to outside influences on its foreign policies.

"The bottom line is that today the Qatari government has a decision to make. It can finally turn away from the destructive policies it has adopted and demonstrate true unity and solidarity with the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)," said UAE minister of state Sultan Al-Jaber.

Yemen also severed ties with Qatar on Monday, and Jordan downgraded its diplomatic ties with the Arab Gulf nation. 

kbd/rc (AFP, dpa, Reuters)