Sabine storm surge floods Hamburg′s fish market | News | DW | 12.02.2020
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Sabine storm surge floods Hamburg's fish market

A swell caused by storm Sabine flooded Hamburg's iconic fish market. Fish could now be swimming through the stalls where they are usually sold.

Hamburg's famous fish market flooded on Wednesday after storm Sabine caused river Elbe water levels to rise by 2.76 meters.

Several other streets around the port city in northern Germany were also flooded by the storm surge, according to a statement from the police and some cars had to be rescued from the flood water.

A fifth and final storm surge is expected later on Wednesday afternoon, reported German broadcaster NDR.

A view of Hamburg underwater

Storm Sabine caused a storm surge of 2.76 meters

Energy from the storm that followed in the wake of Sabine has pushed the water against the coast, causing the swells, said a spokesperson for the German weather service (DWD).

Storm Sabine was named Ciara elsewhere in Europe.The deadly storm wreaked havoc in the UK and the Netherlands before reaching Germany on Sunday evening.

Hurricane-speed winds of over 170 kilometers (106 miles) per hour in some places in Germany disrupted long-distance and regional train services. The storm also caused power cuts to tens of thousands of houses.

kmm/rc (dpa)

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