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Mushroom farming flourishes in Rwanda

Shenge Ndimbira | Olaf Müller
May 7, 2024

Demand for mushrooms is booming in Africa. Mushroom farming is low-cost and sustainable - and mushrooms are seen as a nutritious meat alternative. We visit a farm in Rwanda.


Mushroom farming in Rwanda presents a compelling narrative, especially given the unique agricultural landscape of the country. Laurent Demuynck, CEO of Kigali Farms promotes with his company eco-friendly mushroom farming in Rwanda. 
The practice of cultivating mushrooms is sustainable, requires minimal land, and avoids harmful chemicals. Kigali Farms trains farmers and provides them with free mushroom huts and ongoing support to ensure sustainability. The company collaborates with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fonerwa, the green fund, to advance climate action in Rwanda. Kigali Farms also produces spices and dried mushrooms and is experimenting with mycelium packaging boxes.