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Rothenburg ob der Tauber in 360°

Elisabeth Yorck von Wartenburg
September 2, 2019

Time seems to have stood still in this small Bavarian town: Visitors here feel like they are in the Middle Ages. Many houses from this era have been preserved in Rothenburg. Join us on a visit with an all-round view.

Deutschland Stadt Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Image: picture-alliance/DUMONT Bildarchiv/G. Knoll

Half-timbered houses, winding alleys, an uninterrupted city wall — Rothenburg is pure romance. Every year around two million tourists flock to the small town. It is one of the highlights on the Romantic Road, the most famous holiday route in Germany.

Until the 17th century Rothenburg was a prosperous city, but after a siege in the Thirty Years' War it lost its importance and hardly developed. The old townscape has remained fundamentally intact to this day. 

DW reporter Elisabeth Yorck von Wartenburg joins the many tourists and guides you through the city with her 360° camera. Follow her along the city wall, at the market place, through the alleys and into the Christmas village, which is open all year round. If you have VR glasses, you can watch the video in virtual reality.

Elisabeth Yorck
Elisabeth Yorck von Wartenburg Author, editor, planner, social media manager
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