PopXport - The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 13.01.2017
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PopXport - The German Music Magazine

Berlin native Bibi Bourelly writes hit songs for US stars. Heavy-metal band Accept do a live album. And Helene Fischer sings the title song for the new film "Vaiana." Plus: new music from Ace Tee and Antilopen Gang.

Our Topics:

Hit songwriter: Berlin's own Bibi Bourelly

Bibi Bourelly quit school, and moved to the U-S -- to write songs. One of Bibi's songs was a big hit for Rihanna. Now, Bibi wants to strike out on her own -- as a singer.



Accept: German Metal Legends

These guys from Solingen have been cranking out great music since 1971. The latest version of the band, with Mark Tornilo on vocals, has been around since 2009. Their new live album will be out later this year.



HIT-Clip: Helene Fischer - "Ich bin bereit"

The U-S animated feature "Vaiana" is not just a hit in theaters. The German version of the film soundtrack has made it into the Top 20 here. The titel song is sung by pop star Helene Fischer.



HIT-Clip: Ace Tee - "Bist Du down?"

Hamburg R & B singer Ace Tee has really caught on in the U-S -- with a song that's sung in German. There's a really cool clip to go with it -- and the video has picked up 500,00 clicks so far.



TIP-Clip: Antilopen Gang - "Pizza"

The new single from the Düsseldorf ap trio Antilopen Gang claims that eating pizza can solve all the world's problems. Bela B. from the legendary punk band Die Ärzte helps out on vocals.



CULT-Clip: Bell, Book & Candle - "Rescue Me" (1997)

A true one-hit wonder. 20 years ago, the Berlin band Bell, Book & Candle came out with their debut single, "Rescue Me." It was an international hit. It was also the band's ONLY big hit.