PopXport - the German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 11.11.2016
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PopXport - the German Music Magazine

The successful New Age project Enigma is back, after eight years. Plus: the new album from electro-soul master Fritz Kalkbrenner, and an in-depth profile of rapper Taiga Trece.

In this edition:

Enigma: The Pop Mystics Make A Comeback

World music meets New Age and dance beats. It's Enigma's first album in eight years. The Enigma project was founded by Romanian-German producer Michael Cretu, and has sold a total of more than 70-million records. 


Fritz Kalkbrenner: Electronic Meets Soul

A while back, Fritz Kalkbrenner was best known for being the little brother of techno star Paul Kalkbrenner. But his mix of House beats and soulful vocals have made him a huge success -- and he's just put out a new album.


Taiga Trece: No-Limits Rap

Taiga Trece is a rapper from Munich. She lived for a long time in Mexico -- so she can rap in Spanish as well as she can in German. And she's pursuing a successful musical career in both Mexico and Germany.


HIT-Clip: Tim Bendzko - Keine Maschine

Five years ago, Tim Benzko's hit-single "Nur noch kurz die Welt retten" made him a star of German pop. Now, the Berlin-born singer has a new album, "Immer noch Mensch" -- and once again it's topped the charts.


TIP-Clip: Pretty Pink feat. Chapeau Claque - Kling Klang

For her House track "Kling Klang," German DJane Pretty Pink brought in singer Maria Antonia Schmidt. Schmidt used to be the lead singer for the German band Chapeau Claque, until they broke up earlier this year. 


CULT-Clip: DJ Sammy & Yanou - Heaven (2001)

15 years ago, Cascada producer Yanou and Spain's DJ Sammy took a Bryan Adams song and turned it into a dance number. Their version reached No. 1 in the UK, and No. 8 on the US charts.