Opinion: The Wolves deserved to win it | Opinion | DW | 30.05.2015
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Opinion: The Wolves deserved to win it

While Jürgen Klopp missed out, Dieter Hecking and his Wolfsburg team picked up the spoils in the German Cup. It wasn't a picture-perfect ending, but at least it was honest, says DW's Stefan Nestler.

It would have been a historic moment if it had happened: Jürgen Klopp wins his last game for Borussia Dortmund, and takes home the German Cup. The day after he celebrates in front of thousands of fans in Dortmund, in a sea of yellow and black flags. But it wasn't to be.

The first few minutes in the Berlin Olympic stadium were just like out of a BVB fairytale. Dortmund went into the lead quickly, and just in the style that Klopp would have liked. Fast on the counter and ruthless in front of goal. That's how Borussia Dortmund became German champions twice, and how they won the German Cup too.

Ruthless wolves

But then Dortmund's problems - which had shown themselves so often this season - came to the fore. They made bad mistakes in defense. For two of the three conceded goals, goalkeeper Mitch Langerak looked weak. Up front, Dortmund's attackers kept missing clear chances. And then, there was the opponent.

DW sports editor Stefan Nestler

DW sports editor Stefan Nestler

On Saturday night in Berlin, the Wolves were just better. Just like they have been for most of the season really. Through their performance, Wolfsburg showed why they were Bundesliga runners-up this season. Driven forward by Kevin de Bruyne, who is the most dangerous playmaker in German football at the moment, Wolfsburg severely punished Dortmund when they got the chance. Three goals inside of 15 minutes decided the game.

An upward trend, with an unknown ending

Wolfsburg's coach Dieter Hecking prepared his chargers perfectly for the German Cup final against Dortmund. That they didn't lose concentration, after going behind so early on in the game, shows their class.

For Hecking this is one of the biggest titles of his career. And it doesn't have to be his last either. Wolfsburg has enough money to do well internationally, and they have a good, harmonious team in Hecking and sports director Klaus Allofs. For two and a half years the two have been leading the team, onwards and upwards. This German Cup victory could be the start of something special.

Jürgen Klopp's era at Dortmund is finishing, with a climax that neither he nor the fans would have wanted. But football often writes its own script. At least this has an honest ending.

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